How to read an ImmunoDiet™ Report

The ImmunoDiet™ Report is easy to read and can be understood by a client.  Reviewing the results with a dietitian or oncologist is also a good idea if they have an understanding of immunotherapy, oral tolerance and how these sciences are applied in the generation of the ImmunoDiet™ report.  During the order process or afterwards provide the contact information for your health provider and Personal Peptides LLC will send them instructional material to assist in interpreting your report if needed.  The report contains a list of species, with scientific names and the common english names that the tumor sample submitted for analysis is mimicking.  Foods containing these ingredients should be avoided.  Its that easy to use the ImmunoDiet™. (watch a video about the ImmunoDiet™)

There are Four Sections of an ImmunoDiet™ Analysis Report


  • Participant Information 
    • Test ID, Name, Referral Source, Diagnosis, Consulting Nutritionist/Dietician
  • BioSpecimen Processing Details
    • Tumor and Salival Sample Receipt Dates, DNA Processing and and Sequencing QC Dates.
  • M3 System Computational Processing Details
    • Test ID, Intermediate Record Number, Data Analyzed, Database Version
  • ImmunoDiet™ Food Avoidance Report
    • Species Table indicating the number of M3 peptides encoded in a the tumor samples.
    • These are the foods to avoid.  Any food made with this ingredient could contain your M3 peptides and suppress the cancer specific immune response.

Foods identified on this ImmunoDiet™ food avoidance report:





Water Buffalo