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The ImmunoDiet™ is the only nutrigenomic cancer diet designed to prevent food based suppression of the cancer specific immune response.  Built to function like immunotherapy, this personalized food avoidance diet can prevent damage to cancer specific T cells.  The ImmunoDiet™ is offered as a one-of-a-kind tool for patients with the desire to make safe food choices based on their individual cancer.
If oral tolerance is acting on the same T cells that are trying to fight a cancerous tumor, this may be stopped with the knowledge provided by the nutrigenomic ImmunoDiet™.  Avoiding the consumption of foods containing mutated molecular mimics, M3 peptides, is an available approach to specifically boost one’s unique anti-cancer immune response.

Founded in Houston, Texas, Personal Peptides LLC is a privately owned health analytics company with a specialty in the field of Immunology.  Personal Peptides LLC is the first company to develop a nutrigenomic tool for cancer patients to improve their cancer specific immune system.  The mission of Personal Peptides is to bridge the gap between the human immune system and personal genomics.  We envision all individuals having the tools to sculpt their own immune repertoires.  The ImmunoDiet™ analysis is a wholly owned property of Personal Peptides LLC.


The word “Peptides” comes from the Greek, πεπτός, “digested” derived from πέσσειν, “to digest”.  At Personal Peptides, our understanding of digested food’s effect on the immune system is unrivaled.  We think this is an essential part of personalized healthcare.  Essential enough that we want our partners to have it on the front of their mind.

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